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Meralco Meter Deposit Refund

Starting this November 2008, Meralco has a Meter deposit Refund.

What is Meter Deposit Refund?

The Meter Deposit was the amount a customer paid to guarantee against loss or damage of the electrical meter installed at the customer’s service address. The Meter Deposit was equivalent to one-half of the cost of the electric meter or other equipment required for installation.

Collecting meter deposits began in 1987 following Order 85-121 of the then Board of Energy and later, Order 95-21 of the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB).

This is different from the service deposit which is the amount a customer pays as part of his application for service. It is equivalent to one month billing based on the electrical load at the service address.

If you have still this following documents:

Well you can ultimately refund your meter deposit. Unfortunately we lost our documents I can't refund at all! huhuhu..sigh..

for more information about meter deposit refund log on to:

Things to do when Sembreak

Sembreak- or semestral break.

Yahoo..its sembreak again. Well I'm so happy at last!, I can go anywhere I want after 5 months of waiting for my sisters semestral break, that means she will be temporary homebuddy for two weeks and me, I can mingle to my friends at last.

Im so exhausted at our home. And finally my wish is granted a two week vacation for me. hehehe.

My Mudang (mom) said, Jhoy you can go out with your friends anytime in this week. Your sister is here and she will take care of our mini sari-sari store. (I knew that my mom know how I miss the outside world because I'm the permanent homebuddy and the only one taking of her.)

Well actually the week before the sembreak of my sister, I list all the things I'm going to do. My friend Olive told me to go at La Mesa Ecopark for some new nature ambiance. We planned it for so long , at last! this coming tuesday we will going there with my cousin. I can't wait for it.

But before that I knew that you are bored and thinking what to do for this sembreak??

Well do this steps and be more productive citizen:

1. Just relax- its time to free your mind from exhausting 5 months of studying.

2. Do household chores- be productive I'm sure your parents will give you a reward after that.

3. Enjoy watching T.V.- watch television until you drop, its time to consume your electricity for good.huh!lols!

4. Bond with your parents and relatives- its time to have a chit-chat to them.. I'm sure they miss you so much.

5. Get closer to God - Now you don't have any alliby that you can't go to church or spare some time reading a bible. It's sembreak!

Happy Vacation! =)

Life Poem

I was so disappointed this day, why? My friend told me that our trip will reset on other date. I expected that trip so much beacause its the only time we will be reunited again. And I don't expect for a rescheduled of our trip because I knew it will be officially "DRAWING" and never ever gonna happen again.

I saw a mirror behind me then I looked at my face. Oh! shocks "I'm getting older" , then I realize why I'm so excited for our trip and now I'm disappointed. I want to see my old friends before my beautiful face fades away as I grow older. Hmmmppp... I hope that it will not ruin my day.

I surf in the net and find some stuff that can make me smile all day.. then look what I found.

The Alphabet of Aging..

ABC's of Aging
A is for arthritis,
B is for bad back,
C is for the chest pains. Corned Beef? Cardiac?
D is for dental decay and decline,
E is for eyesight - can't read that top line.
F is for fissures and fluid retention
G is for gas (which I'd rather not mentionand not to forget other gastrointestinal glitches)
H is high blood pressure
I is for itches, and lots of incisions
J is for joints, that now fail to flex
L is for libido - what happened to sex?Wait! I forgot about
K!K is for my knees that crack all the time(But forgive me, I get a few lapses in my
M-memory from time to time)
N is for nerve (pinched) and neck (stiff) and neurosis
O is for osteo-for all the bones that crack
P is for prescriptions, that cost a small fortune
Q is for queasiness. Fatal or just the flu?Give me another pill and I'll be good as new!
R is for reflux - one meal turns into two
S is for sleepless nights,counting fears on how to pay my medical bills!
T is for tinnitus - I hear bells in my earsand the word "terminal" also rings too near
U is for urinary and the difficulties that flow (or not)
V is for vertigo, as life spins by
W is worry, for pains yet unfound
X is for X ray - and what one might find
Y is for year (another one I'm still alive).
Z is for zestFor surviving the symptoms my body's deployed,And keeping twenty-six doctors gainfully employed.
Hmmmpp.. I don't think its fit for me maybe my friends.. I'm too young for aging.. I'm still pretty!


This post is for my rated filipino citizens who read my tagalog version blog..

If you are curious about this..and can understand my lovely language go to this link

This video is the CHICHIRYUCKS EPISODE in imbestigador

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

At last, you can now view the crappy things happen in our place..

Sad to say that many people do this to earn more money sacrificing the many lives surrounding themm... May God bless them.

The Book of Bro. Bo

It is not a 40 day retreat for me when I read this book. Actually, its a 10 day retreat only since I received this book. I almost break the rules to read it within 40 days, but due to my eagerness and totally I'm excited to turn the page and finished it I almost done it within 10 days.!

I'm so blessed to have this book. I didn't buy it. It just mailed in our home for me. I can't remembered if I subscribed in kerygma. But the only thing I know, This is the book I wanted to have.

I'm an avid fan of Bro. Bo Sanchez, I'm so amazed everytime he preached in many people. His the preacher that make all things in sense and preached joyfully. I don't know where he got his energy and the words he says to the thousands of people listening to his stories. And after you heard him.. wow its totally healing from your soul. Maybe he is the angel sent by God to preach the people who has a big burden to bring and he helps you to lighten it up by his words.

I don't want to be this post to be long.. jut go to's site and start living happily ever after with god.

Digital Scrapbooking

I recently download a software ScrapbookFlair I've seen this while surfing the net. I'm so interested making my pictures turned to a more organized trendy book that last forever. And sice its digital the pictures and the design will never ever fade.

Here is the sample covering of my crappy job.. lols

look.. after I did it I feel that I am the real godess in the universe.. hehehe.. I really love myself...sigh..

I've seen many pinay moms and american moms are into digital scrapbooking. It is more fun to make a digital scrapbook why?

1.Digital Scrapbooking Means Less Effort And Quicker Results
2. You can find more great scrapbooking albums, templates and designs
3. You can also make your own layouts and even use clip art that can be printed or applied to any scrapbook page to which you can also add digital photographs.
4. It will enhance your creativity thru scrapbooking.