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Manila Ocean Park

Did you know that.. here in philippines we own The BIGGEST OCEAN PARK IN ASIA??ahahaha... watch this video..

Now you don't need to go in hongkong or singapore just experiencing a marine park... Its all here in manila..

The Biggest in Asia
Manila Ocean Park president Lim Chee Yong proudly said that the marine park would be among the most advanced ocean parks in Asia. It could also well be one of the biggest in Asia with an area larger than the famous Sentosa oceanarium in Singapore.

"Sentosa is 6,000 square meters while this one is 8,000 square meters," Lim said. He also compared the Manila Ocean Park with Hong Kong Ocean Park adding that although it has lots of fun rides, "the Hong Kong Ocean Park showcases a smaller oceanarium."
The Oceanarium will feature more than 20,000 marine inhabitants of approximately 300 species. And unlike other oceanariums in Asia, the Manila Ocean Park will be getting marine species from our own waters.

"The park aims to combine education with entertainment," said Barbers. "One of the main thrusts of Manila Ocean Park is to promote awareness about marine conservation and preservation."

A memorandum of agreement was signed recently by the Manila Ocean Park and the Department of Education (DepEd) to develop a comprehensive school program and an advocacy campaign dubbed "Love for Marine Life" to be included in the curriculum of students in Grade 3 and 4.
"We expect some 1.5 million visitors to Manila Ocean Park in 2008," said Tina Santos, Manila Ocean Park marketing manager.
A team of marine biologists and scientists has been working together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in putting together the various aquariums. She added that the park would not include protected and endangered species.
On a daily basis, an appoximately 10,000 guests can be accommodated in the park. Aside from providing jobs to 2,000 Filipinos, the project would earn the government Php 20 million annually in rental fees.

A Deeper Experience
The Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium promises a "deeper experience" as it features an assortment of colorful fishes and invertebrates indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia contained in 12,000 cubic meters of seawater.

The Oceanarium journey is divided into six sections and each section will carry a Filipino name: "Agos"; "Bahura"; "Buhay na Karagatan"; "Pating"; "Ang Kailaliman"; and "Laot".
replicates the water flow from a fresh water source that eventually leads to the open ocean, creating a model of interconnectedness between land and sea.
It then takes one through the different depths of the sea showcasing each area’s beautiful and natural inhabitants.

Isthe main attraction is a 25-meter long, 220 degree curved acrylic walkway tunnel. Visitors will be exploring the secrets of the ocean and surrounded by such underwater wonders without actually getting wet.
The Oceanarium also has a multi-purpose hall which will house interactive multi-media educational exhibits and capable of hosting various functions.
After the journey, one can enjoy a sumptuous meal at "Tagpuan", an al fresco dining facility. Entrance fees will range between Php 200 (for students) to Php 400.

More Attractions
Aside from the Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park will have a marine–themed mall and a boutique hotel, which are scheduled to open late next year. The mall will feature new and unique shops that are not commonly found in other malls and a unique restaurant row located at the rear of the facility, alongside a promenade that offers an unobstructed view of the Manila Bay. This part of the park is free and accessible to the public.
The 120-room hotel will also have a marine theme. Rooms facing the bay will have an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the renowned Manila Bay sunset, while others will have one wall of aquarium in the privacy of their own room, which will be a first-of-its-kind in the world.
The Concourse Plaza, located at the main entrance of the park is the central activity area for the facility. This is where various big events will take place throughout the year.
For those who would like to snorkel or even dive without having to go to far-flung places, the two Open Water Marine Habitats will give you that exact experience. This facility is scheduled to open in April 2008.
Manila Ocean Park is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of China Oceanis Inc., a Singaporean-registered firm that has operated four oceanariums in China.

Avoiding memory gap

memory gap or rain drain.. well i'm suffering it right now, and I search about my dilemma.. and I wanna share it to all of you..

Those of us who are busy all the time can experience burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue from spending long periods of time in focused concentration. I call this syndrome "Brain Drain." Brain drain, if gone unchecked, can result in depression, stress, and even anger if you push after the drain has set in. So even though you need to keep your project going nonstop, you would be much more productive if at the first sign of brain drain, you took a break and did something about it.
Here are some of the signs you might be suffering from brain drain.
-Mental exhaustion.
-Irritation or drowsiness when thinking about what you have to do.
-Putting off certain tasks because they are "too hard to think about."
-Snipping at others who are not moving fast enough.
-Feeling as if the harder you work, the farther behind you get.
-Feeling depressed, stressed out, or as if you can't keep up mentally with your task list.

Here are 10 ways you can beat brain drain.
1.Meditate By meditate, I mean sitting and closing your eyes for 20 minutes or so. Sit still and simply observe the thoughts that come into your mind. Don't try to solve any problems. Just watch and let go.
2. Take A Walk A brisk walk outdoors—especially in a park or someplace you are not familiar with will take your mind off your main task so it can relax. Pay attention to the scenes as you travel. Stop and smell the roses, as the cliche goes. Take a minute to see the beauty of panoramas.
3.Listen to classical music Sitting still with relaxing Mozart or Bach playing through headphones can transcend the brain drain. It will relax you while coaxing your mind to think about other things. (Editor: Here are some free classical music downloads.)
4.Read something entertaining There is nothing like a chapter of your favorite book to take your mind off the causes of your brain drain. Reading is an interactive action, so you keep your mind active, while relaxing at the same time. Tip: Use reading for 10-20 minutes as a reward for 30 minutes of focused work. Use an egg timer to keep track.

5.Reboot your brain with a caffeine nap. University studies show that drinking a cup of coffee and then immediately taking a 10-15 minute catnap gives you an energy boost. This is called a caffeine nap. I've found it works equally well for brain drain. (Just make sure you have something to do when you wake up, because you are going to be ready to rock and roll.)
6.Go to a movie. If you can fit in a two hour movie, at the theater, it is worth the time and money just so you can get away mentally and physically. Sitting in front of the big screen is a great way to take your mind off everything.
7. Listen to motivational CDs This is a tip I picked up from Steve Pavlina. When he's tired from intense thinking, he pops in a motivational CD. Although it might seem like this would be more work, it isn't. By listening, you can relax, and become almost passive, as the ideas and strategies gradually break the drain.
8.Play a sport Studies show that people who do a competitive sport such as tennis, basketball, golf, martial arts, or football are happier overall. To compete in the sport may make you tired physically, but will wake you up mentally. When you wake up mentally, brain drain stops being as big a problem.
9.Break down your project into bite-sized chunks Rome wasn't built in a day. Maybe you are trying to move your mountain in a day too. Take a half hour or an hour to take a close look at your projects. Are you trying to write a novel in one day, when it would be more practical to shoot for three pages of a novel a day? You might be in brain drain because you simply don't have sensible objectives.
10.Play a game Halo 3 players rejoice! Playing a game that gets you away from your draining thoughts is an excellent way to get past the sluggishness. You might prefer crossword puzzles or sudokus if you don't like video games. Either way, playing a game lets you know life doesn't always have to be so serious and focused. Make time for play too!

Remember, the good news is brain drain means you are using your brain at maximum capacity. The bad news is you are not giving your brain needed periods of rest. Rest is important for creative thinking and problem solving. Thus a series of short breaks between your work is necessary for you to work at a high level. So in planning your next intense project, be sure to scatter in several scheduled periods where you can take a break and give your brain some time to incubate.

I'm GOING to be RICH..

I’m going to be rich… not in money!!!…. But I’m going to be rich in friends …..because I earn lots of virtual friends here in blog universe..Yehey…I’m so thankful about that… but first read my flash back about those momentum events I’ve experience in blogging..

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2. At this time… I have many things to do at home… that’s why my full concentration for my favorite hobby which is blogging… is not to the highest level of attention..

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Aside from that I just wanna say thanks for my blogging friends here in my ENGLISH VERSION..

Thank you for all of your support… Hugs and KISSES muwwahhhh…

Ooops its not yet finish… I want to promote the site of my everdearest regular commentator ATE JOY slash DR.JOY slash LOVECOACH.. She is now having a online radio called future radio… A good news for all the mommies, daddies,kiddies, teens, boys,girls,lesbian,gay and all kinds of human in earth to listen DR. JOY with the REYNA ELENA of the future radio in USAPANG PINOY…

I wish I could join in their converstion… but U.K timezone and PHILIPPINE timezone is not match.. because it aired 11:00 pm manila time and 3:00 pm U.K Time if I’m not mistaken…and that time is my beauty rest time… but I promise if I have a internet connection at home… I’m going to invade Dr. Joy in her conversation with our Filipino bloggers..

I hope that all of you can joined to.. don’t you worry its Filipino language… it’s not nosebleed.. and aside from that you can hear the lovely voice of Ate Joy… and the songs she played…and… also.. if you have problems.. in terms of love… 100% sure Dr. Joy can help you about that..

So for my last speech… I LOVE YOU ALL.


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Yes or NO

Ramiele Malubay

another filipina singer got in TOP 24 of AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7.Yoohooo... despite of annoying controversies here in Philippines.. Ramiele got the attentions of million viewers here in Philippines and around the world..

Keep supporting Ramiele. The Next Jasmin Trias or be the Next American Idol..

10 Tips surviving Valentines Day

Because Valentines Day is coming... I research some tips and toes for all of you.. whether you're single or attached... i hope it would help to all of you.. happy valentines..

1. Remember that Valentine’s Day is ONE day out of a whole 365 days!

If you’re attached, keep yourself grounded in this reality and avoid making Valentine’s the tipping point of your relationship.

If you’re single, much as it might seem like the entire universe is celebrating their love on the 14th, they aren’t, and you can’t let your whole emotional world collapse. Love is something to be celebrated all year round.
2. Manage your expectations but most importantly communicate them.

Are you expecting the sun, moon, and the stars even though you’ve only been in your relationship for a short period of time? Does your partner dislike Valentine’s day and hasn’t previously lived up to your expectations?

I’m not suggesting that you remove the element of surprise or spontaneity, but if you’re the type of person that is likely to feel very disappointed if the day isn’t what you expect, it’s time to discuss your expectations so that you can 1) find out if they are realistic, 2) share your thoughts with your partner, and 3) free the both of you to have a day that you can enjoy.
3. Do not create drama or get stressed about it.

It’s supposed to be a celebration of love but it is very easy to ruin the lead up to it or the actual day.

Whether you are the type of person that resents Valentine’s day and feels inadvertently pressured by your partner or the commerciality of it, or whether you’re that person who lives for Valentine’s day and expects a big gesture, if the person you are with is at conflict with your outlook, you will find yourself in the very unpleasant drama zone.
4. Remember that you’ve saved some money and been spared the pain of scratchy underwear and other such tacky gifts.

It can be quite difficult to come up with something original and inspired for Valentine’s day and there aren’t many of us who haven’t had love dice, love cheques, cheap flowers from the petrol/gas station, furry handcuffs etc, never mind paying over the odds to be packed like sardines into a restaurant with a set menu.

It’s not about throwing the cash around if you are attached, and if you aren’t, pat the extra cash, or treat yourself to something nice.
5. Don’t go on a first date.

There is a lot of expectations and unnecessary pressure when you have a first date on Valentine’s. Be very careful of knee-jerking into a new relationship as we make some of our worst decisions when we’re insecure and desperate to avoid singledom.
6. If you’re single, embrace the day and spend it with those that you love most.

Some of my best night outs have been when I’ve been single on Valentine’s. If you’re not the type that can let the day pass without feeling a bit anxious, hang with your other single fri

7. No drink dialing

Do you want to wake up on the 15th with a banging headache and regrets that you’ve made a fool out of yourself calling your ex, or even worse, you’ve slept with them? No matter how horny or sentimental you get, wait till the next day to see if you still feel the same when you’re sober.
8. Don’t seek validation from the day.

If your relationship has issues, gritting your teeth and eeking all of the sentiment out of the day is going to be the equivalent of papering over the cracks of your relationship. Don’t rely on this day to make your relationship but certainly don’t use it as the sole reason to break your relationship either. Likewise if you’re single, don’t think that the absence of a mate or a date invalidates you.
9. Valentine’s day extends to self-love.

As Luther Vandross said “Love the one you’re with” and this time, that’s YOU. V-day spells a great time to evaluate where you are and what you want out of life and your relationships. If there is any overhang from the past, start to deal with it and get happy before you throw yourself back in the dating saddle.
10. Make an effort and small gestures all year round.

If you do this, Valentine’s day won’t feel like guzzling water for the first time after being lost in the desert for a year…

To learn more about Natalie Lue, visit

Craving for meat???

Because we are following the rules of being a bonafide Christians... We cannot eat Meat at this time... that's why we are craving for it... but I have good news to all of you.. I found this resto, that all year round they are serving certified look like meat but not meat?? gets...

OK The name of this resto is BOHDI a vegetarian cafe that serve a look like meat for examplessssss..

The foods that they serve is look like a real meat but when you ate it... oh so delicious but the content of their food is Seafoods, Meat and Poulty make from Soy Bean, Bean Turd and Assorted Vegetable... That's so nutritious... Their resto ar mini food court is located at TUTUBAN CENTERMALL here in philippines.. so if you want to try... and it their delicious and nutritious foods... go there... definitely affordable... for all.


"Positive thoughts are like good software, they help us to perform to the best of our abilities, believe positively that 2008 will be one of your best years yet"

A great year overall offering good relationships and wealth, although the Rat will need to take care of their health this year especially those who like a tipple, smoke or do not have a good diet or lack in any exercise. Please take a look at your health especially if you are a Yang Metal Rat born 1960 as they can suffer most this year with regards to health, the stomach and chest are weak in 2008. If you have a bedroom in the south or northwest and you are a metal Rat place a Wu Lou beside your bed or some metal ornaments that are preferably round in shape.
The Ox is in for a great year with very little to say on the negative side, which is nice. Career and those in business for themselves will climb to new heights providing you apply yourself and work hard and smart. There will be some fantastic opportunities in 2008, you need to be careful of signing contracts though, as we all do this year as with the #3 star visiting the west this causes many arguments and legal problems, so please make sure you follow the flying star advice as well.

TIGER -It will be a mixed year of good and not so good (not bad) and a year of learning new skills; investment opportunities and career change with some slight negative side to the year although if you follow my advice you can have a great year.

The rewards for the year can be very good if you are prepared to work hard and able to accept some changes, the changes will be good for you although it may not seem it at the time. This year can also be a year of learning and this is why changes are frequent as it could be learning a new job, ideas that you have had in last year whether for a new business, career or new hobby, this is the year you should put them in place. It is actually a better year for those in paid employment rather than self employed.

RABBIT-This will turn out to be one of the best years for Rabbit. Opportunities and success await you. Coupled with Rabbits natural passion and drive, the year 2008 will take you to great heights. Those in employment may see promotion provided they keep away from and are not influenced by inauspicious sectors of the house according to the flying stars system of Feng Shui.

DRAGON-It has been a funny couple of years for the Dragon and overall it should be a good year if you take care and take my advice. One issue that you should be aware of is accidents involving metal and usually this will involve cars or knives. Having good Feng Shui is actually being aware of potential problems and adjusting the year to avoid potential problems. So my advice this year is be very careful when driving or using knives, so if you know any Dragons warn them of potential dangers.

SNAKE-After a fairly uneventful 2007 the Snake will be glad to hear that 2008 will be a great year and full of surprises, you will still have a few little ups and downs but that is part of life. Relationships will be very good although the committed male Snake will need to spend more time with their partner to ensure they do not wander. Female Snakes will be able to pick and choose, as they like. You should make extra security checks on your home or car this year as the robbery star is quite strong, this is especially so for people who have offices or main doors in the southwest, check our 2008 flying star for more information. This would relate to for all types of security so if you are on holiday, in your car or even someone trying to steal your identity, which sadly has become very common these days. Shred all papers with personal information before throwing it away, it may seem extreme but worth doing this year and I suppose every year nowadays.

HORSE-With a Rat year the Horse will clash (Sui Po year breaker) so you will need to take extra care this year but remember being prepared will give you the edge to make sure the year is good for you. Overall the year will bring change and this can be good for career and also business as it can steer you in a different direction that will be better for you.

GOAT-After a year of ups and downs in 2007 the Goat has a nice year to look forward to, there are a few little hiccups in May and November but if you follow my advice you will have a great year.

2008 will be a year of changes for the Goat and wealth luck is good. With regards to relationships there will be changes for the better, Goat born in 1991 can look forward to strong peach blossom in 2008 giving new romantic opportunities. Health should be good although with success there is always a price to pay somewhere and health can be affected if you do not take time out and relax, it will be a great year but you will work hard and stress levels can get high as can your blood pressure, please take time to relax and 2008 is the perfect time to take up Qi Kong, tai chi or similar exercise to relax the body and mind.

MONKEY- A mixed year for the Monkey in a Rat year, on first glance many will predict a bad year but if you look deep the year can be good for the Monkey and even exceptional if you are aware of potential problems as you can avoid them and this lets you move on.

Do not get too pessimistic and worried when faced with difficulties at work which are more than likely due to a conflict of personalities. Difficult as it may be, this is a time to stay balanced and look for solace in your family. Be careful of people who you thought of as friends stabbing you in the back and also be aware that the clash of elements can also cause family disharmony.

ROOSTER-Expect a busy year ahead with wonderful achievements and accomplishments although you must proceed with total reliability and fair play. Although a natural hard worker, in order to achieve success for the year, the foundations need to be laid and you are required to work harder this year but expect good results from your extra hard work.

DOG-My favourite Chinese animal only because it is mine and whilst the year 2008 is mixed energy for the Dog you can make it a very good year. I have gone through so many Chinese years with such bad predictions for the Dog and always survived, the secret to good Feng Shui is being aware of potential problems and changing your lifestyle. Be aware this year that you should avoid risky investments and avoid lending money to anyone although on the other hand you should be more chartable and make some donations to a good charity.

PIG- Many Pigs will be glad 2007 is closing although 2008 will be a funny old year with a few ups and downs. There is nothing to be concerned about this year, just be careful and if your partner is a Pig spend some more time with them as they will need love and support in 2008 not because it will be a bad year only the annual influences can make them feel a little sad.

Please be aware of overspending this year, Your year is similar to the Rat and if your partner is a Rat be prepared for sparks to fly as you are both in conflict with relationship in March, and temptations of extra relationship are high so please be aware and spend more time at home. If you are a single Pig looking for romance then the year could be good but could also cost in money as you may be tempted to spend more money than usual, just be cautious in relationships this year and resist spending too much.

ZTE BROADBAND -Rodolfo Lozada Jr.


- is a $329 million dollar contract between Philippines and China.
This ambitious project aims create an intranet or an "internal" network for government institutions, as mandated under the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, and other policies that followed.

Who is Rodolfo Lozada Jr.?
- Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada Jr., a key witness in the allegedly overpriced national broadband network deal (NBN) with China’s ZTE Corp., describes himself as a simple person with simple needs who was thrown into government service by accident.

Now watch this a piece of video about the hearing in THE ZTE bROADBAND..

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Imagine, how many less fortunate filipino peoples are suffering from hunger and poverty beacause of those damn Government officals currupting a million dollar in every project they make..

I wish that there is many Mr. LOzada will exist in our country that have concern for our dear country.

Ash Wednesday

I'm happy that Blogger is 1 day late from the real day here in philippines so that I may not look late posting this topic.. hehehe..

Today is Ash Wednesday and as a Christian or Roman Catholic it is our routine to go to church to start the 40 days of abstinence and pasting.. Mean to say. I will not going to eat fried chicken, pork chop, and all kinds of meat! Hmmm.. I'm gonna miss them all.. by the way its okey! Its good for my health to be a vegetarian for 40 days! hehehe..

Well I'm gonna share to all of you what I notice during Ash Wednesday or special occasions in church... The things that I notice are:

1. Why the church is being overcrowded when occasions like this comes?? but on regular sundays only few christians are going to church??? hmmpp??? why??

2.Why are some christians go to church on Ash wednesday but not want to put ash on their forehead??

3. Last,its a church not a park! and why lovers are using the church as a park... haiiisttt!!!

Oh, its just only my observation, I'm annoyed by those people do that things.. but I need to concentrate to the gospel given by the priest and not to the annoyers, everywhere..

I give you some info about Ash Wednesday!

What do Christians Celebrate on Ash Wednesday?

In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included in the count).
Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. During some Ash Wednesday services, the minister will lightly rub the sign of the cross with ashes onto the foreheads of worshipers.

Not all Christian churches observe Ash Wednesday or Lent. They are mostly observed by the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican denominations, and also by Roman Catholics. Eastern Orthodox churches observe Lent or Great Lent, during the 6 weeks or 40 days preceding Palm Sunday with fasting continuing during the Holy Week of Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox churches begins on Monday and Ash Wednesday is not observed.

The Bible does not mention Ash Wednesday or the custom of Lent, however, the practice of repentance and mourning in ashes is found in 2 Samuel 13:19; Esther 4:1; Job 2:8; Daniel 9:3; and Matthew 11:21

fashion trends..

based on

What will stay and finally get written off in 2008? To see the first part of the 2008 fashion forecast, click here.


1. Color-black — this trend together with other graphic prints will continue to be popular.

2. Mini-dress — the 60’s cute minidress is still a hot item.

3. Skinny jeans –as long as models are seen wearing them backstage, they are here to stay.


1. Leggings — finally, I did not see a single pair of leggings in any of the major fashion designer shows. After 2 to 3 years in the limelight, it is finally time to give this garment a rest.

2. Grey – grey will never be really out, but since it was such a major trend last Fall ‘07, you may give it a rest for now, unless you pair it with something really bright or printed.

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