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Zodiac Prediction for 2009

Psychic Predictions and Horoscopes for 2009
by Elissa Heyman

Aries: You modernize this year: You get into new markets and use more technology to work with your god-given talents. Partnerships serve social, personal, and professional needs-- this is an interesting, highly creative year for collaborations. The part you do is not the final step or end product. Be your own authority and trust your creative instincts. Only be willing to be complicated and intense with creative projects, not relationships. Proceed with authority doing what you see fit; your decisions are good because they're grounded in self-knowledge.

Taurus: The truer understanding you have of yourself and those you love create a change in your relationships and possibly location this year. You are surrounded by the creative spirit but an idea doesn't quite land, or the full form does not quite manifest at this time--there's still a debate about what to do, where exactly to direct your energy. You're not ready yet, but keep on engaging with creative energy, and exploring it. Do not judge yourself according to financial measures of success, or insist that this be a fruitful year in terms of material gain. It's much better to put energy into making yourself more potent, more creative and spontaneous, and more willing to do new things. Re staying in balance: even more than the last couple of years, your body will need more exercise and maintenance to stay relaxed, flexible and fit. It's well worth the effort!

Gemini: Be careful this year of overextending yourself or trying to do too much. Everything can still be great and you can take it a little easier. This year, you're hard at work and right in the middle of your interesting plans and strategies. Everything is on course, because it looks like you're engaged in what is most true-to-you to do. Even difficult circumstances seem to end you up in a place you can appreciate. You're happy about where and how you end up in 2009.

Cancer: You may feel you made a mistake in some area, or created a loss for yourself. Perhaps an expectation was not reached. On the other hand, you'll have some of the most fun times in 2009 with either your work or your significant others. This could be a very high year of experiences that are really like a happier, higher level of your prior experiences. You would see a way to do something that really turns you on--you get backing for something. You may be surprised at how fun this year is.

Leo: 2009 flower reading: This year you will expect a lot, you have delivered a lot, and a lot will be expected of you. You are putting all your cards on the table, letting people know how creative you are and what you can do. You act more maturely, enjoying the challenge of your responsibilities. You are in service this year, but you're also living it up! Last but not least, you are leaving behind what didn't work. Tarot: In some way, you are dealing with a difficult situation that you have to think your way out of …something might force you to abandon some goals, some directions, and look to others.

Virgo: Grace enters your life in some profound way. It would be very difficult to think of this year as anything but a success, even though you may be stressed to the max before you succeed. There's more of a strain in your life in the beginning of the year, Success comes through doing new things, your relationships, new environments, and new directions. Relationships are very important to your well-being this year, and you're very important to other people. You have to traverse a certain distance for more material success, and must help yourself now and get support to get to a better place. What you lack is not important, only to hang in there and go further than you ever have before, feeling life is better, richer, and more rewarding.

Libra: You get into more joyful circumstances this year, but you do have to make moves to make this happen. Even though you have to be pro-active and recognize and take opportunities, Divine Providence also operates in your life this year. You may find yourself going back and forth between locations; in some way there's a consideration of changing domains. It could be that with your creativity you need a different venue that appreciates it and will pay for it. There's something that you're outgrowing, and are moving towards more money for whatever it is you do--and you are now delivering a lot more for the money that people pay you. You need to spread out and see where else you can operate or perform.

Scorpio: A lot of light comes into the lives of Scorpios in 2009, and even so, there can be the profound end of things. What needs to grow is light in your life, and this might involve quite a change in circumstances can be quite changing. Changes happen when partnerships and alliances are strong, so there is support through change. You receive deep insight, a knowing you didn't have; there's tremendous movement within you. Never underestimate yourself…you are reborn this year! Opportunity comes that answers a lot of questions, that really works for you.

Sagittarius: You are forgiven, if you're feeling guilty about something. There's no need to be punished, the difficulty you've had is enough. You get new chances, and there are better arrangements up ahead. You appear to have no past, no karma…2009 is an in-the-present, opportunistic, inspired and positive time because of what comes your way. You do get opportunities, or have a big brainstorm about what you can do or start. You get a chance to start something new, to begin in a new place and you really like where it goes and the people you meet because of it. Financial opportunity comes when you have a wider view of where you can end up.

Capricorn: 2009 is a clarifying year, and you emerge a finer person. It can be a super-creative and rich time, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're making a lot of money. You're going to figure out whatever you need to satisfy yourself and deal with reality. In order for you to be happy, you make decisions that make waves…even so, make those decisions for your own happiness, so that things work for you. It's time to go out of your comfort zone in some way, and you could travel to faraway places. Avoid taking chances or speculating in the beginning of the year. If you're trying to expand professionally, be patient…it's likely that trying to expand now would take more energy than it's worth. This year's different…enjoy it!!

Aquarius: You benefit in 2009 the moment the Sun goes into your sign: your birthday year begins with a tremendously fortunate astrological aspect meaning you get very clear directions about the right path this year, your new beginnings are blessed, and you begin a cycle of positive growth. This comes on the heels of thinking that you gave up something, but good karma comes your way, you get an awful lot back.

Pisces: You might go in a different direction than you first expected. It's a year of adventures, and you go exploring, expanding your sense of home, and having experiences that satisfy karmic relationships. You are flourishing but may not cut ties with what is not flourishing-- with the past.
Where there's a will there's a way, and what has a lot of will this year is your heart. Your heart is opening and magnetizing people and places to you in which you can grow and thrive --and avenues develop, as you find your way back to a strong direction, and it's a different place, but it feels right.