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My Dream Laptop


That was the laptop I've been looking for.! Actually I will not buy that! Haller! its too expensive and obviously I don't have $1324.99 or Php55,649.58, in my savings or in my pocket, maybe in my dreams.

You read it right actually the Sony Company slash the price up to $1,099.99 or Php 46,199.58. That's why I only use that laptops as my wallpaper in my cellphone, to remind me that I have a goal to be rich and buy that Pinky Posh Laptop sooner after 10 yrs.

One thing and more things why you must love this laptop because...

there's many color to choose from and look for the specification of this SONY VAIO C-Series

You will look really gorgeous while using that. But for now I will stick on our Personal Desktop Computer. And wait for my fairy God mother arrive.

I'm Existing!

Today I want to go back on my regular routine which is blogging. I know that all of you notice of my sudden disappearance in cyber universe. Well by now I can’t tell you why! Its just, I don’t want to blog if I’m on the stress mode. Yeah, right. I’m super stress. I just have a big big big dilemma. Okay I want to share some of them.. just only some..

1. First, the scary earthquake that happen in China, that kills thousand of lives. I remember what my Grandma said after she died. She always tells us, if people don’t stop destroying the environment, the prophecy of Nostradamus will come true, that many tragedies, storms, calamity problems, crisis and many lives will destroy. And people on earth will suffer it. Gosh! I got scared when I watched the news about this earthquake and remind me all of this things. I’ll pray that it will not ever happened again. I know that God really loves us.
2. Second, what an early Rainy Season? That brings typhoon in our country and destroy property and lives, that’s why we have lots of crisis. But they said it is okay, at least , it not hot in the Philippines.
3. And last, Well I thought that my mom is already okay! But still she got sick again, that’s why I’m temporary invisible in cyberspace. I hope that my mom will get well soon.

But for now, I will disturb all your blogging homes because I’m Back, and I'm Existing.

I love Google!

See the cute page rank checker at the left side of my blog! Well I only got PR3 for almost sixth months of my unusual blogging! May be google loves me so much., that's why they gave me a reason to smile whenever I'm going to blog and have more perseveracne in this blogging career.

That's why!

so much....

And I wish after my Blogging Career comes to its One Year old, I hope that I got PR10, lots of money in my paypal account! and last, have many friends to come. lol!

But for now, I just wanna thank to all of my dear reader's and wishing to subscribe please on my blog, so that we have a happy world!!!

Actually, The reason why I make this blog beacause I got encourage by my everdearest friend Itot to make an english blog and monetize it. And you know my dear fans, it is worthy to do it. Beacause I'm able to help charities and myself too. because of the money I got from some advertisers here and also to my paid surveys. I wish It will last longer.

If ever I got PR10, well I'm going to be the one of Major Stockholders of Google..Yahoo!

I hope that all of you got a PR to! Dont you worry God will help us all the way!