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Do I look Like Jessica Zafra?

That was the two pictures of beautiful lady in the universe.(lolz) At the left side is my haggard picture and at the right side is Ms. Jessica Zafra the well known writer of many novels in the Philippines.

I'm not bookish, that's why I don't know Ms. Jessica Zafra until my friend told me I look like her base on my friendster pictures. Then I search the name of Ms. Zafra and i got amazed about the results.

I can't believe that my friend told me that seriously because my friend is a certified joker and I knew she only want to annoy me, but for the very first time, I'm so happy and flattered about she said that I look like her. Imagine, If ever I'm going to the mall and wear eyeglasses, many people will tell me I'm Ms. Zafra. hahhaha..

I'm sure that all of you got curious who is Ms. Jessica Zafra??? and interested what books she've done. Well one of the books she wrotes is "Mananangal Terorizes Manila" . One day I will buy that book.. It so interesting! Well for more info about Ms. Zafra go to this site

Wait, I knew! We have one thing in common.. We love cats!!!

NTLDR is missing?

This past few days our PC encouter that problem. We use to reformat our PC beacause there's a lot of bugs into it and the only thing to do is to reformat.

While we begin our reformatting the black screen appears that:

"NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart..

That was a big big problem to us, what we will going to do? Until I remember that I have a genius friend ANJELO tell me what do?

I emailed anjelo about this problem, then the solution!, and the very easiest, very best, very simple and veri-veri solution that anjelo gave to me so simple compare to the results that search engines will give to you, they will make you more confusing. And I suggest try this steps:

"Make sure that you already insert the CD or DVD as your Bootable device, it is the Operating System"
NTLDR is missing because Computer hard disk drive is not properly setup in BIOS.
to do this:
1. Restart your PC then press Del.
2. You will see the Blue screen it is the BIOS Configuration then find at the Menu the Boot section.
3. you will see the sequence of booting.
4. Then use your Up and Down arrow keys in your keyboard to change the set-up of the sequence.
5. Put your bootable device or the CD/DVD as your first boot, then second is your hard disk.

then save the changes.

then voila it will continue to reformatt.

If ever it is not effective again the error comes again. The only thing is that your Physical Memory or the RAM is the problem try to fix it up. Okay!

If my solution did not solve your problem just message me and I will free to help you or go to this site there some helpful tips that can give you more solution than I do.. hehehehe.

How to put a Scroll box in your Blog

I'm having a hard time just to find the code on I nserting a Scroll box in your blog. I want to have more space in my blog so I asked some of my blogger friends here but no one knows.

Yet I'd try to search it and voila I saw it.

I'm so excited trying it to my post now.

hello guys
a testing for
what I discover in blogosphere

I knew many of you already know this
but just want to share it, I can't Imagine I can do this.. yahoo..

It is also applicable if you want to insert image in scrollbox.
so here's the code:

You can adjust the height and width and also the font style and color.

If you have questions free to ask me..


I just wanna thanks to BLUEDREAMER for this beautiful award given to me. And also I want to greet him a HAPPY First Anniversary for his blogging career. A job well done blue!

Now a rewarding award also to my favorite pets in the city. My pets who always make me smile every single day. And they wish someday they will be seen in t.v or in billboard and I want them to be treated as a popular mega super star too, that's why I made this..

pet # 1- Chenelyn Churva- was seen on television with his friendships.

trivia: Chenelyn is a pure black pusakal she is being abducted by my not so closed neighborhood that's why she is totally disable, but by all means of helping her to move on now she can jumped and walked.! Hooray!

stay close to the picture!

pet # 2- actually that was not really my own pet but I treat them as my own. SIOPAO and Sugar at the billboard.

trivia: they are also adopted pet by my neighborhood. They are litlle cute kitten was given by MUNENGERS..

I hope a commercial producer will see them. And make them a star...

That's one of my petsssss... here in our house hope you like it. What a rewarding award for them.