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Smart Bro - KE/ Smart Stroke!

I've been totally Stroke in my blogging career almost a month... Its only because of my worst internet service provider SMART BRO! if you think it literally.. he's not my brother or sister in my internet career! its my worst nightmare to subscribe in their company as an internet user. I wonder they make this concept as a big bro to all filipinos using this broadband but the truth they really suckssssssss.....
Why they really sucks..??
1. Try to call their customer care hotline *1888.. well your temper will loosen because of 30 minutes waiting for an agent to answer your call regarding to your concerns???? So wheres the care??? in the customer care huh????
2. Nationwidest coverage???? hellllloooowwww... you are fooling over a million filipinos because of this features. If you are living in pampanga ..there is totally no coverage at all. How can you offer this broadband to batanes and tawi-tawi huh..???
3. The technical support agents of this company didn't now their duties at all. They make my Pc TOTALLY DUMB! they taught me a lot of ecklavarva that will solved my concerns but the reality they didn't know to resolved it and I end up with a report ID number that I will follow up for coming days...whattt the hell!
4. The'yre billing statement is coming from planet puto thats why you will 48 years before your billing statement arrive at your house.. gosh.. How Smart do this business at ll!
5. Last, try tocheck your internet speed .. It is not 384 kbps... my speed goes to 84 to 100 kbps only. Imagine how slow is my internet connection at the ame tim how slow mw.. lol!
Gosh, I hope that Smart Telecom will awake and resolve all this complaints suffering by their subscribers paying the right amount to experience this at all.
Make your duties right at all.. plsssss.....
And one thing I hope our government know this thing to help people resolved this concerns about this...

Dneero Survey

My internet connection was lost for a week that's why I can't blog for now. Just leaving a surveys for moolah. Have a nice day!