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Things to do when Sembreak

Sembreak- or semestral break.

Yahoo..its sembreak again. Well I'm so happy at last!, I can go anywhere I want after 5 months of waiting for my sisters semestral break, that means she will be temporary homebuddy for two weeks and me, I can mingle to my friends at last.

Im so exhausted at our home. And finally my wish is granted a two week vacation for me. hehehe.

My Mudang (mom) said, Jhoy you can go out with your friends anytime in this week. Your sister is here and she will take care of our mini sari-sari store. (I knew that my mom know how I miss the outside world because I'm the permanent homebuddy and the only one taking of her.)

Well actually the week before the sembreak of my sister, I list all the things I'm going to do. My friend Olive told me to go at La Mesa Ecopark for some new nature ambiance. We planned it for so long , at last! this coming tuesday we will going there with my cousin. I can't wait for it.

But before that I knew that you are bored and thinking what to do for this sembreak??

Well do this steps and be more productive citizen:

1. Just relax- its time to free your mind from exhausting 5 months of studying.

2. Do household chores- be productive I'm sure your parents will give you a reward after that.

3. Enjoy watching T.V.- watch television until you drop, its time to consume your electricity for good.huh!lols!

4. Bond with your parents and relatives- its time to have a chit-chat to them.. I'm sure they miss you so much.

5. Get closer to God - Now you don't have any alliby that you can't go to church or spare some time reading a bible. It's sembreak!

Happy Vacation! =)

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October 28, 2008 at 8:12 AM

why not also learn something new, read a book or go on dates? hahaha... peace, ate repah!