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I just wanna thanks to BLUEDREAMER for this beautiful award given to me. And also I want to greet him a HAPPY First Anniversary for his blogging career. A job well done blue!

Now a rewarding award also to my favorite pets in the city. My pets who always make me smile every single day. And they wish someday they will be seen in t.v or in billboard and I want them to be treated as a popular mega super star too, that's why I made this..

pet # 1- Chenelyn Churva- was seen on television with his friendships.

trivia: Chenelyn is a pure black pusakal she is being abducted by my not so closed neighborhood that's why she is totally disable, but by all means of helping her to move on now she can jumped and walked.! Hooray!

stay close to the picture!

pet # 2- actually that was not really my own pet but I treat them as my own. SIOPAO and Sugar at the billboard.

trivia: they are also adopted pet by my neighborhood. They are litlle cute kitten was given by MUNENGERS..

I hope a commercial producer will see them. And make them a star...

That's one of my petsssss... here in our house hope you like it. What a rewarding award for them.


2 supah stars:

  reyna elena

September 3, 2008 at 9:44 AM

Eeeekkkk! dami mong awards! hehehe charing lang hahaha me na-alala kasi ako hehehe


September 16, 2008 at 9:45 AM

hello reaph thanks po sensya na ngayon lang me nagkaroon ng time mkapagbloghop
anyweiz thank you uli