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Christmas is coming Coming

On monday, it will be the start of ber months which means christmas is coming. The news reminded me about it, and heres the video for all of you.

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I already feel the scents of christmas flushing in my nose this morning, and I felt a little smile in my heart.

When I was young three years ago..(sort of 3 yrs. old) Even if it is the only start of school year I already want to start the christmas countdown. That's why when september 1 comes to tick in our old grandfathers clock "Christmas is Coming". I'm so happy. But as I grow older things changed. I'm not the young girl who is happy when Christmas comes.Why? Our family are not the same family who's obsessed to light the christmas light when august 30 comes. The family early decorated the christmas three. And the family who celebrates christmas as a whole family. We lose not only one but two of my beloved family who already passed away that makes our Christmas more meaningful and happy.

But I realized that I'm not the only one experiencing that, many of us I'm sure that's why I'm ready to face Christmas with joy in my heart.. Even if I have no money or gifts to give for my beloved ones. I'm so blessed and I know God's loves me so much and I have nothing to sad for.

Just play this songs for all of you.

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September 1, 2008 at 7:56 AM

yup bermonths na nga hehe nararamdaman ko na rin ang simoy ng pasko hooray
i love it lalo na ang makarinig ng mg christmas melody hehe
syempre we have to prior to think that its the month where Christmas day is the day when Jesus Christ was born
by the way i am now to celebrate my first year anniversary here in the blogosphere
and in got something for you in my blog
thanks for being a part of my blog my friend i treasured every comments and moments you spent there
thank you again have a great day


September 8, 2008 at 6:23 AM

masarap nga makinig ng christmas songs. dito sa alemanya baduy kasi sa buong december e parang isang beses lang ako nakarinig ng christmas song sa radio, waaa