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I'm GOING to be RICH..

I’m going to be rich… not in money!!!…. But I’m going to be rich in friends …..because I earn lots of virtual friends here in blog universe..Yehey…I’m so thankful about that… but first read my flash back about those momentum events I’ve experience in blogging..

When I started blogging its just only my outlet to explode my tricking minds by typing my daily thoughts. Anik-anik, churvaloo, ecklavarba! Not intending that someone will read my post.. And then I received many comments and violent reactions… hehehe.. just kidding… But I really love receiving comments…because of that I really pursue my blogging chorvaloo....(ooopsss. Forgive me for my wrong grammar… I’m suffering in nosebleed syndrome at this time.. I’m not to good in English but I keep on trying..)

Then… one of my blogging friends.. said…”Make your blog be monetize.. don’t make it as a hobby”.. ahhhmmm… MONETIZE.. do you mean… earn money… ????? When money talks… $$$$$$$$$.... well… I LOVE IT… hehehehe.. Thanks for itot.. for encouraging me to do a English version of my blog and also for renovating my site into a new one.... to earn money.. If you are asking If I do really earn money already…???? Ahmmm.. not yet.. unfortunately…. I’m to lazy.. in making an English post seriously… … maybe because..

1. I don’t have internet connection at home… and I need to go with my sister’s house and be a slave .. to get connected to all of you for free… hehehe.. just kidding..

2. At this time… I have many things to do at home… that’s why my full concentration for my favorite hobby which is blogging… is not to the highest level of attention..

3. Gosh… the big big big…. Devastating VIRUS… invading my sister’s pc.. resulting the slow memory of my sister’s pc… I hope someone could help me about that..

4. And the last but not the least.. I’m afraid of giving my full information on the net… that’s why I think.. once, twice, thrice… before signing up on anik-anik factor here in blogosphere that helps you to earn money…I’m afraid …what if I’m GOING TO BE JAILED… OR SAVOTAGED MY PIGGY BANK COINS…nyahahaha..

But year 2008 is here… I’m going to change all that…not so good vibrations… I’m planning to buy a domain name… for my English version… if and only if… I already got my $20 money galore.. after 48 years of answering paid surveys in dneero.. And that’s my special gift for my FOURTH MONTHSARY in blogging universe…!!!! Hehehe.. I wish…. It will be granted…

Wow I can’t believe that I will stay for FOUR MONTHS posting in English version despite of having a hard time to do it… but because of my fans… and fellow visitors… I have more guts and glory to do this…

Aside from that I just wanna say thanks for my blogging friends here in my ENGLISH VERSION..

Thank you for all of your support… Hugs and KISSES muwwahhhh…

Ooops its not yet finish… I want to promote the site of my everdearest regular commentator ATE JOY slash DR.JOY slash LOVECOACH.. She is now having a online radio called future radio… A good news for all the mommies, daddies,kiddies, teens, boys,girls,lesbian,gay and all kinds of human in earth to listen DR. JOY with the REYNA ELENA of the future radio in USAPANG PINOY…

I wish I could join in their converstion… but U.K timezone and PHILIPPINE timezone is not match.. because it aired 11:00 pm manila time and 3:00 pm U.K Time if I’m not mistaken…and that time is my beauty rest time… but I promise if I have a internet connection at home… I’m going to invade Dr. Joy in her conversation with our Filipino bloggers..

I hope that all of you can joined to.. don’t you worry its Filipino language… it’s not nosebleed.. and aside from that you can hear the lovely voice of Ate Joy… and the songs she played…and… also.. if you have problems.. in terms of love… 100% sure Dr. Joy can help you about that..

So for my last speech… I LOVE YOU ALL.

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  reyna elena

February 19, 2008 at 10:23 PM

naku! finally! it's just the logical thing to do junakees ko! mag-blog at mag earn nang anda while enjoying the chorva! ganun lang un! sayang ang anda di ba? malas daw pag ina-ayawan!

blog like crazy for the next 3 months or less na ata - read mo yong bagong rules nang PPP and have at least 20 english entries. pag na-aprub ka na, kahit na mag hiligaynon ever ever ka.

congrats to you and many thanks for itot for opening you up to the wonderful world of making money kahit na ka eklarvuhan ang drama chuvalinga

at many thanks ever for plugging our show! hehehe!


February 21, 2008 at 5:44 AM

Hi Repah, salamat sa pag plug ng show. This Saturday, Malen will be my guest, along with a Pinay nurse who now works in the UK. This is to give nurses who want to come here an idea on how to do it.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo