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ZTE BROADBAND -Rodolfo Lozada Jr.


- is a $329 million dollar contract between Philippines and China.
This ambitious project aims create an intranet or an "internal" network for government institutions, as mandated under the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, and other policies that followed.

Who is Rodolfo Lozada Jr.?
- Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada Jr., a key witness in the allegedly overpriced national broadband network deal (NBN) with China’s ZTE Corp., describes himself as a simple person with simple needs who was thrown into government service by accident.

Now watch this a piece of video about the hearing in THE ZTE bROADBAND..

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Imagine, how many less fortunate filipino peoples are suffering from hunger and poverty beacause of those damn Government officals currupting a million dollar in every project they make..

I wish that there is many Mr. LOzada will exist in our country that have concern for our dear country.

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