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What will stay and finally get written off in 2008? To see the first part of the 2008 fashion forecast, click here.


1. Color-black — this trend together with other graphic prints will continue to be popular.

2. Mini-dress — the 60’s cute minidress is still a hot item.

3. Skinny jeans –as long as models are seen wearing them backstage, they are here to stay.


1. Leggings — finally, I did not see a single pair of leggings in any of the major fashion designer shows. After 2 to 3 years in the limelight, it is finally time to give this garment a rest.

2. Grey – grey will never be really out, but since it was such a major trend last Fall ‘07, you may give it a rest for now, unless you pair it with something really bright or printed.

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