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La Mesa Ecopark

I don't have a expensive camera to captured all the perfect moments in my life, and that is one I wish to have this christmas.

I love taking pictures since my sister bought a digital camera and as usual I am one of her beloved borrower. But I start focusing to take a great pics when my friends and I go to this beautiful park. And here's some of my captivating shots.

Wonder where this beautiful pics shots?? well rather go to city's lost paradise at La Mesa Ecopark, wherein you can feel the true beauty of nature. Make sure that you invite some friends, to enjoy more.!

one of the best shots!

How to get there?
If you have a car,trucks or else..
Take Commonwealth Avenue towards Fairview. You will be passing the following landmarks: UP Diliman, Iglesia ni Cristo Templo Central, Ever Gotesco, Sandiganbayan, Litex, Mercury Drugstore. Turn right at East Fairview Subdivision’s Winston St. then right at Marlboro St. all the way to Pall Mall St. where you should turn left. Turn right at the first corner. You will enter the La Mesa Dam Guard House. There is only one road to take then turn left to the parking lot, in front of which is the gate to the park. The lagoon is further down the path.
For commuters, like me..
take a Fairview-bound FX, bus, or jeepney from Philcoa by the entrance to the University of the Philippines. Take note of the abovementioned landmarks and get off at the East Fairview Subdivision. At the gate, you should find plenty of tricycles that can take you to the Eco Park.

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November 5, 2008 at 11:58 PM

Ay grabe, angganda ng lugar! :D (Pag nakakakita ako ng forest, nami-miss ko ang Makiling at ang aking pagma-mountain hike). Mayroon palang ganyang ecopark sa La Mesa?


November 12, 2008 at 3:12 AM

oh great repah wonderful place.... i never been to ecopark but i heard many good thing about that place
have a greeat blogging day


January 19, 2009 at 3:45 AM

maganda pala jan sa eco park na yan... dpa din kc ko nakakarating jan eh... mapuntahn nga yan one of this days...