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Mt. Samat Bataan Memoirs

At last Im back again.. And yesterday as I do my bloghopping and visited my fathersblog in cyberworld, I see his latest post about the cross. Please do visit his blog to know more what I'm talking about.

My fathers blog is full of inspirational message that will lighten up your day and becaude of that, there is a special post that brings back my memories again during my high school days.

It was one of my very special moments in my life to visit the well known shrine in the Philippines the Mt. Samat Shrine. Wherein we enjoy the one day travelling all the way using the so called mini-killer bus.. that really makes your adrenalin rush while riding in this bus all the way to the shrine.

And after we arrive we need to finished the 300 steps upstairs all the way to the cross., and after climbing it you will feel your feet that loss its veins because of that super steps no.... hehe..

But all of your tired feeing will ease away after you see the captivating view of the mini ocean surrounded in bataan.. i dont know what it is but I called it as ocean..

And also there is a humor that at the peak of the cross if ever you will try to go there you will see the yamashita's treasure... Hmm. I didn't try to go there because it was too dark when we arrive ath the cross..

I realize that God's really love us.. and I want to repeat that moment again..

I see this Cross in pocket prayer in my fathers blog when he post this article..

I hope you can read it or seach the web about this to read all this prayers.. Have a nice day..

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April 22, 2008 at 12:01 PM

ok ung experience na ganon. nawawala talaga ung pagod mo sa biyahe kapag andun ka na. :)

thanks for sharing this ganda. :)


October 16, 2008 at 11:20 PM

Antagal na palang nakapaskel ito anak? Ay ngayon ko lang nakita... :oops:
Nag-aayos kasi ako ng blog layout, nakita ko lang sa "incoming links" sa wordpress dashboard.

Sana nga mapuntahan ko yang Mt Samat. :)